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Eastern Archipelago

Stenshamn, Ytteröarna

The Eastern Archipelago consists of a number of smaller islands of which six are inhabited throughout the year, each island having its own unique idyllic character. From Torhamn take M/S Ungskär or from Yttre Park M/S Wittus and make a round tour out in the archipelago or disembark on an island of choice and explore the island on your own. Remember though that Stenshamn and Långören are the only islands where you can purchase simpler refreshments. So if you intend disembark and explore on your own other islands, it is recommended that you bring a picnic basket.

Coming from Torhamn, the first island the boats will reach is Långören, called “the Pilot’s Island”. The boat thereafter continues out into the archipelago travelling past several smaller islets stopping next at Inlängan which is one of the larger islands.

When the boats reach Stenshamn you are furthest out in the eastern archipelago. Here in the harbour you can rent a bicycle to take you out to the adjacent island Utlängan or if wished one can also take a walk. Utlängan is the “farmer’s island” . Right after the bridge on the Utlängan side there is a walking trail leading to the north side of the island. On the way, climb the bird watching tower and enjoy the astonishing view. Continuing the path you will come to a unique and old gathering of oak trees, the original roots thought to be dating back to the year 1600.

From Stenshamn the boats continue to Ungskär – the island that “floats” on the water! The land of this island lies very low, so when seen from a distance the houses appear to be floating on the water. The outer archipelago was inhabited first in early 1600. Ungskär has together with Stenshamn the best preserved fishing community from that period.

Ytterön and Östra Hästholmen are two islands which have been land joined over the years and together they represent one of Blekinge´s largest nature reserve. These islands are easiest reached by car or by bicycle via the line ferry from Yttre Park. Enjoy this wonderful environment of nature and culture, with its many lovely small bays inviting for a swim and a relaxing atmosphere. A good tip is to explore the islands by bicycle and with a picnic basket. There are several exciting remains from the earlier military days, such as bunkers and towers reminding of military presence in the archipelago.