Coast villages

Olsäng Orranäs Attanäs

You leave the old ex., Danish town Kristianopel behind and travel Kustvägen going south towards Torhamn, Sweden’s most south easterly village. From certain spots en route you can catch glimpses of the Baltic Sea, and from several other points you can turn off the main road and over the meadow tracks reach the sea. When you arrive at the Släktgården in Olsäng you drive through the main farm premises and further via the tracks over the shore meadows to experience the sea up close. This will allow you to experience a fantastic nature with possibility to watch seals and sea birds, enjoy the sun and swim or merely relax in a unique sea environment. It is recommended to bring a binocular for close-up watches of the rare Harbour seals and the more common Grey seals etc. Kustvägen is winding its way through a varied nature with shoreline woods of pine and deciduous trees, shore meadows and stretches of open crop land. The small villages en route lie like a band of pearls all the way south to Torhamn. The road is a pleasure to travel by bicycle, motorcycle or car. Take the opportunity to make short stops here and there to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, visit Blekinge´s only goat cheese dairy or stop for refreshments either at the café you pass or from your own picnic basket. En route you can also visit Lavendelgården with its beautiful garden, small farm shops etc. Many visitors find the small lake Färskesjön, which offers interesting nature surroundings as well as freshwater swims. The Nature Reserve Färskesjön has typically vast stretches of wooded rock outcrop in an undulating terrain with spreads of pine and deciduous trees. Kustvägen also offers several possibilities to extend your visit along the route as there is boarding available in cottages and by camping areas.

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