Pensionat Stensvik

Kristianopelsvägen 52
370 45 Fågelmara

0706 - 39 61 35

Opening hours:

Open all year round for booked groups, conferences and accommodation.

Pensionat Stensvik

In the old eels fish family’s villa, Helena and Peter created the Pension Stensvik. Here we are keen to make you feel at home and be able to relax in a unique turn of the century seaside setting.

We are open all year and offers sea-view accommodation, modern conference facilities and a wide selection of bookings as memorial, parties, bus lunches, baptisms, weddings or even a “weekend away with the girls”. With Helena in the kitchen and Hanna in baking and our personal host, so we can arrange a delightful experience in the guest house. On our website you can book accommodation online.

View from the balcony Stensvik
View from the balcony Stensvik

The large plot by the sea offers many opportunities, obviously, we have a boat and canoe we can offer guests. During Christmas time crackling fireplace logs and then we serve Christmas dinner with dessert buffet. Large parking outside also taking buses.

Guest Stensvik is 5 minutes walk from the port and belong to the same company Café Sweet & Salt.

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