Olsängs Potatis

Olsängsvägen 11, Olsäng
373 78 Fågelmara

0708 - 523 726
0455 - 36 80 23


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Olsängs Potatis

In over 70 years we have provided Swedish households with good potatoes. For most of our potato bags well known and we are proud that our brand now stands for prime quality. Our grandfather started the company Olsängs Potato 1940 and we are now the proud traditions continue to deliver potatoes of the highest quality.

Farm shop

Over the years, we have supplemented with other foods and can now offer vegetables, eggs, ice cream, etc in our small farm shop in Olsäng. A little extra festive, we have on the farm during “The small spring market” and Asparagus weekend.


On the farm you can also find another branch of our business. We sell paving stones, slabs, walls, and much more that you need for your garden. We are happy to hand if you need advice for your garden plans.

Welcome wishes Majsan, Per-Olof and Sven