Marias Presenter

Kristianopelsvägen 49
373 78 Fågelmara

0708 16 61 07

Opening hours:

Opening hours Summer:
Wed, Thu, Fri 13-17
Sat, Sun 12-16
Other years, see the website!
Extras Open at Christmas.
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Marias Presenter

Furnishing for home & garden

I have moved my home furnishing store to Kristianopel after 21 years in Karlskrona. We have decorated the upper floor of our old outhouse and together with the outdoor environment, we have created a cozy farm shop! Here you will find furnishings for both home and garden such as;
Beautiful hand-thrown pots from Sturehofs Krukmakeri (Sturehof’s Pottery), nice pillows and towels from Nyblom Kollén, lovely gratin dishes from Gerbera, ceramics and textiles from GreenGate, small furniture and furnishings from Bruka Design, lighting and lamps from Watt & Veke and others, as well as garden furniture, garden decorations, lanterns, pots and baskets. There are also jewelry and other goodies o plenty for sale.
Yes, this is a bit of everything, take a walk across the bridge over to me, from Kristianopel port is about 400 meters. There’s a sign out by the road when it is open.