Kristianopels Handelsbod

Storgatan 13
373 78 Fågelmara

0455-36 60 18

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 9-14, Sun 9-13.
Optional open in July, days 8-20.

Kristianopels Handelsbod

Since 2005 I run this little intimate grocery store, open daily year round and with a large assortment. Here is everything what you may need to barbecue or excursion. How about freshly baked bread every morning?

To the party or anniversaries, we have a selection of good cakes, you order just the day before.

In my shop you will find also locally produced goods such as fish from Blomlövs smokehouse and a wide range of magazines, lottery tickets and we also have a pharmacy service.

Welcome to my shop.
Ewa Gustavsson