Blekinge Kust & Skärgårdshonung

Persborgsvägen 6
370 42 Torhamn



Blekinge Kust & Skärgårdshonung

Welcome to our Farm store!

Our bees collect nectar from flowers on the archipelago islands and meadows along the coast. The farm shop in Torhamn have honey in all conceivable tastes, such as our popular Colds Honey and Drizzle range. Sample happy and find your favorites.

Here are homemade Archipelago Mustard which is naturally sweetened with honey, self-made candles and figurines, and various kinds of tea, from black to red. Other goodies in the shop is old-fashioned candies, örtkarameller and licorice.

Gift packages with our products can be purchased ready-made or made-to-order.

We are open almost all the time, 10-18 days a week, but please call before you come.