Anna-Karins Skafferi

Sankt Måns väg 5
370 42 Torhamn


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Anna-Karins Skafferi

Anna-Karin’s Pantry is an artisan food company that produces jams, marmalades, chutneys and jellies. Everything is manufactured in handicraft way, in small batches. The products contain only narturliga ingredients without any artificial additives.
It is challenging to traditional and proven methods to look for new taste experiences that will appeal to your senses.
Several of my products have received awards in the SM in Swedish Mathantverk.
IMG_0063My popular seaside Chutney, based on artichoke, won “Matverk” in Blekinge in 2013.
I interact with Lena’s Cafe and Bed & Breakfast at Odd Road 38 in Torhamn, on the road towards Torhamns Avnet.
At Lena, relax and refreshments good. Her good Dried crusties, rye with cheese and south Marmalade is talked about.
A nice cafe in a genuine farm environment.