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Fotograf Stina Felter

Welcome to the Coastal Road Southeast - The Scenic Enjoyable Road in Blekinge!

This is our visitors guide in the web format, here you can find all the information available in the printed Visit Guide, but you also have all the possibilities, only one web site can offer.

One of the great advantages of our site is that we’ve translated most of the texts available in our Visit Guide in several languages. If a page is available in your language, you’ll see a flag icon in the menu at the top right and bottom of the page as well.

Besides the possibility to choose the language you have the opportunity to soldered find the information you are looking for. For example you can click on the menu at the top of this page and get an overview page of all opening hours for all companies represented their times.

Want to see all the restaurants that offer a glass of wine with dinner, click on the icon with a glass and a wine bottle. Should you make a shopping trip, you can click on the icon with a cart or with a small gift box, click through to the company that you want to visit, you want to get driving directions, click on the small map to get a larger site where you can type in your current location and find out exactly what route to take and how far it is to the store.

We hope you get great pleasure and find our web site heplful.

The Association of Kustvägen Sydost

The geographical Kustvägen Sydost

This site is about us living on Blekinge’s southeast coast, from Bröms in the north to Torhamn and Torham’s archipelago to the south. We think we live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and more and more people discover it and want to spend a while as visitors here. What our visitors appreciate is the beautiful and varied nature, the nice bike paths, all farm shops the genuine shops and eateries. We conserve the genuineness and are convinced that we can offer an environment for well-being and recovery. To make it easier for anyone who visits us to get an overview of what we can offer, we have divided the area into four parts as you can see below.