Eastern archipelago

Continuing the coastal road south, you’ll eventually to Sandhamn, a fishing community that bears witness to the commercial fishing from the 60th century onwards. Today it is still the home port for a number of fishermen, but it has now also been joined by a modern marina and restaurant.
A few kilometers from Sandhamn is Torhamn, a community with beautiful gardens and a picturesque fishing port. Sit down on one of the benches in the harbor and look out over the beautiful bay Torhamn. Even in Torhamn are restaurants and cafes.
Drive out to the country’s south-eastern point out on the Torhamn peninsula, one of the area’s many nature reserves and the country’s third bird room for Ottenby and Falsterbo. Take a lovely walk and feel the calm. Stay a while in the bird tower and enjoy a magnificent view out over the eastern archipelago and the rich bird life.
Torhamn and its archipelago offers many opportunities for an active visit. Great bike paths, hiking trails, windsurfing and canoeing are just some examples of what visitors are offered. If you want to stay a few days and explore the surroundings are different possibilities for accommodation.
On the road from Torhamn up to Jämjö you can visit another reserve, Steneryds meadows, and only a short distance away is Horsahallen, Blekinge’s largest rock carving of about a few hundred pictures.
Eastern Archipelago consists of a number of smaller islands, six of which are year-round residents. All small idylls with different characters. Take the M / F Ungskär from Torhamns port or M / F Wittus from Outer Park and do a tour of the archipelago, or get off and go exploring. Stenshamn and Långören are the only islands that it is possible to buy light refreshments so remember to bring your own picnic basket if you’re planning to get off at any of the other islands.
The first island that the boats docking is Långören, “the pilots ‘island’. The boat will then continue to the archipelago past small islets and the next stop is Inlängan, one of the larger islands in the archipelago.
When the boat docking Stenshamn you are far out in the eastern archipelago. Down in Stone’s harbor you can rent a bike that takes you over to Utlangan or if you would rather take a walk. Utlangan is “peasants island”. Shortly after the bridge on Utlangan is a footpath to the north of the island. Please go bird watching tower and enjoy a breathtaking view. Continue the path and you will arrive at a unique and ancient oak stands where it is believed that the origin of the root can be from the 1600s.
From Stenshamn boat goes on to Ungskär – island floating on the water! As the island is low and grassy one can experience on the distance to the cabins float on the water. The outer islands were first settled populations in the 1600s. Ungskär is alongside Stenshamn the best preserved fishing situation of that time.
Ytterön and Östra Hästholmen two fused islands and together they form one of Blekinge’s largest nature reserve. You can reach the islands most easily by car or bike via the Chain Ferry in Outer Park. Enjoy a wonderful natural and cultural heritage, beautiful bays and a relaxing atmosphere. One tip is to get around on a bike with your own picnic basket. Several exciting military relics, such as bunkers and towers, are on the island and is reminiscent of the military presence in the archipelago.

7 December 2014