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The Association of Kustvägen Sydost

See Kristianopel

StadsvapenC4Kristianopel reminiscent of times of strife and war. Everywhere one sees traces of the time when the border between Denmark and Sweden joined in this region. The kilometer-long city wall with its bastions protected the inhabitants, but above all it testifies about a heavily fortified border between the countries. The city was founded by the Danish King Christian IV in the early 1600s is considered Scandinavia’s first Renaissance city. It today so idyllic Kristianopel has an exciting and sometimes very violent history to discover and learn more about.

The beautiful and at times a little harsh nature also provides amazing experiences. In many of the meadows are unique plants that Strandtrift (Beach Carnation). There are also grazing animals, which is typical for Blekinges east coast. the free horizon, where on clear days can see the southern Öland, provides space for reflection and broadening horizons.


with its surroundings

On turning off the Route E22 at Bröms heading for Kristianopel, this is where Kustvägen starts. In the early days this was the border between Sweden and Denmark. At the bridge crossing Brömsebäck there is a memory stone raised in commemoration of the peace agreement made in Brömsebro in 1645. A short walk from here one can find remnants of …

Coast villages

Olsäng Orranäs Attanäs

You leave the old ex., Danish town Kristianopel behind and travel Kustvägen going south towards Torhamn, Sweden’s most south easterly village. From certain spots en route you can catch glimpses of the Baltic Sea, and from several other points you can turn off the main road and over the meadow tracks reach the sea.

Sandhamn – Torhamn

med omnejd

Travelling Kustvägen south you will eventually arrive in Sandhamn, a fishing community which was very active from the 1960´s. Today it is still home port for a number of active fishermen and their ships but the port has now a modern marina with quay cottages and a harbour restaurant.

Eastern Archipelago

Stenshamn, Ytteröarna

The Eastern Archipelago consists of a number of smaller islands of which six are inhabited throughout the year, each island having its own unique idyllic character. From Torhamn take M/S Ungskär or from Yttre Park M/S Wittus and make a round tour out in the archipelago or disembark on an island of choice and explore the island on your own. …